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The Construction Revolution As our population grows and our needs expand, so do our construction needs, but the construction industry has struggled to keep up with

          No more spilt milk. IoT-based improvements for dairy in India                     

The advent of the digital age has inspired technological leaps in every sphere of life. Everything is smarter, our phones, our homes, but how do

How Big Data can be a force to reckon with in a country like India. Big data is the big word these days, and rightly so.

Amnex’s Smart City solutions raise citizens’ hopes for a better future We love our cities. They are the playground of our lives. Our city gives us

Changing the world for humanity through technology. When the internet revolution first kicked in, how many could have guessed that it would evolve into an economy

A decade earlier, when an entrepreneur was enquired on automated technology growth prospects in India, the expectations fell short due to the lack of proper