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The Curious Journey of the Amnex Decade

Changing the world for humanity through technology.

When the internet revolution first kicked in, how many could have guessed that it would evolve into an economy of its own? Solutions today are driven by globalization, rather than innovation. In such an ecosystem of globalization, Amnex – a leader in IoT & ML has been on an unstoppable journey of disruption.

Leadership is a combination of strategy & innovation and we at Amnex reflect both. With over 35 clients and 20 innovative products, Amnex has set foot across multiple domains- from urban solutions and agriculture to logistics and E-governance. Our eminent partnerships with multiple leading players like Hitachi, CISCO, Tech Mahindra, Transas, Adani, etc. reinforce our unique position in the current digital infrastructure.

The First Step

Let’s walk down memory lane back to 2008. The world was witnessing the downfall of major corporations and skeptical in investing heavily into digital products after the dotcom bust. The IT industry was focused on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & related services. At that time, two friends decided to create a future that is driven by automation. They realised that empowering traditional devices with technology and enabling them to provide insights can translate into actionable solutions. This was the beginning of a venture that would help businesses and governments overcome current challenges, while creating a path for incremental innovation in the years to come.

The Journey

Within the first year, the Company launched its own product and partnered with Motorola- the leading innovator in the mobile phone segment. By 2012, Amnex had over 12 clients collaborations with players like SMET & Transas. The year 2017 marked a definitive step in the Amnex journey, as the Company expanded to a 200-strong workforce. Partnering with leading technology players like Planet (n) Code, Honeywell, Hectronic, Hitachi and Cisco has fortifiesd its presence in the tech & automation segment.

Amnex: The Technology Leader

Today, Amnex has completed 10 years of operation – a journey, which was dotted by many firsts. Here’s a short overview into the pioneering solutions conceptualized and created by the Amnex team:

  1. In order to strengthen the agriculture ecosystem, quantify agriculture produce, and minimize crop loss, Amnex collaborated with Hitachi Solutions for a project under Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited (GAICL) where it leveraged Remote Sensing & Geospatial Technology. The solution helped GAICL assess crop damage, ease crop insurance-related payments and quantify the area under cultivation with crop-wise acreage across the state.
  2. In 2010, Amnex created a RFID based Asset Management System for Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. (GSPL), which helped track O&G assets, right from origin to disposal. The solution offered asset search, based on goods receipt or purchase order. It also allowed identification of the last maintenance activity for assets, eliminating any discrepancy arising due to human errors.
  3. Recently, the Company worked on implementation of Smart City Projects under Smart City Mission in Bhubaneswar city and Aurangabad Industrial City (AURIC). The projects focused on improving public transport in the city of Bhubaneshwar and implementing an effective waste management system in the upcoming AURIC. Right from delivering quick access to information to travellers, operators and decision makers, to enhancing transparency, accessibility and efficiency, Amnex’s detailed understanding of the problem in Bhubaneshwar and deployment of a well-layered solution under collaboration with Honeywell Automation led to elevated organizational efficiencies and enhanced decision-making. In AURIC, Amnex implemented sensor equipped bins and Automated Vehicle Location Systems (AVLS) to bring in elevated levels of efficiency to the management of solid waste.

Progressive Steps For The Future

Amnex today owns the technology space as the leader in providing intelligent technological solutions by tapping into the potential of the Internet of Things and Machine Learning. The Company aspires to drive huge changes in the way we live, and the way we deal with our challenges through intelligent, intuitive solutions. Amnex empowers decision makers with actionable insights that impact their way of working, and indirectly impact our society and the world at large.

Being the advocator of rapid advancement, Amnex is built on a solid foundation of values that upholds the need for customer satisfaction above everything else. Amnex’s inspiring journey of transformation year after year has set a benchmark for other companies. In addition to India, Amnex looks forward to expand into the Middle East and South East Asian markets.

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