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From Smarter Street Lights to Reliable Public Transport, Amnex has Solutions for the Tireless Workforce

Amnex’s Smart City solutions raise citizens’ hopes for a better future

We love our cities. They are the playground of our lives. Our city gives us opportunities to work, socialise and enjoy new experiences. It is almost natural that as citizens adopt technology to simplify their lives in almost every aspect of life, cities can’t be far behind. Today IoT and ML have the power to revolutionize the way citizens experience their city. From easier, more efficient travel to higher safety and sustainability, Smart City projects have achieved so much and continue to hold immense promise for the future. Among the most influential projects under the Smart City program are the The Smart Streetlight System and Intelligent Transport Management System developed by Amnex

The Smart Streetlight System

Streetlights have been smart, but we have empowered them to be able to observe what’s going on around them and act intelligently. This end-to-end IoT based system possesses features like real time monitoring & control of streetlights, remote on/off based on natural light conditions, fault detection and alert generation. Streetlights can now offer safety and convenience with reduced downtime, while saving electricity and reducing the carbon footprint.

Smart Parking

Imagine of you could drive to any part of the city without having to worry about looking for a parking space after getting there. Smart Parking solutions are designed to provide drivers the ultimate travel experience, one without the need for scouting parking spaces, thus saving cost and travel time.

Online payments, parking time notifications, pre-booking and GPS navigation of available parking slots ensure that your entire trip is well planned. For larger facilities, it is possible to get real time view of fluctuating rates and car searching functionalities.

Adaptive Traffic

Traffic Management has evolved with Amnex’s smart, adaptive traffic solution that can reduce everyday congestion markedly by prioritizing & channelizing traffic in response to demand in real time. This solution can be integrated with the Traffic Enforcement System.

Amnex’s advanced analytics studies patterns within the transport movement. As a result, the route-allocation is optimized according to the travel demand.

Intelligent Transit Management System

Amnex has devised a creative and original information gathering & policy support system which is named as Intelligent Transportation Management System (ITMS). It helps the cities to manage the problems of urban transportation. The usable modes are BRT, PRT, Metro or Rail, City/State Transport, etc.

The Company also has a web portal & mobile interface that helps the travelers to plan their journey, check booking history and get transport-related information, almost instantaneously. They can also know the ETA/ETD for a particular vehicle, and receive specific announcements released by transport authority. Real-time alerts for incidents like accidents, vehicle breakdowns, sudden breaking, over speeding or any other irregular pattern will be shared with authorities for fast actions.

There is a route optimization system named AVL , which uses GPS to track the real-time location of a vehicle. It helps to assist the depot management system for directing quick movement. Under the Digital payments category, Amnex has initiated a biometric access control system to maintain records. It will help the system to locate and access the information through RTLS (Real-time Locating System) and Smart Card Access Control System.

The company has been constantly working to make the lives of the citizens better and healthier.

          Today a majority of people have become independent and smart with the introduction of technological advancements.

          We have saved time, energy and resources, marking the beginning of a better tomorrow.

Amnex brings us closer to the future, which soon enough, will be wonderful beyond our dreams.

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