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India Makes a Revolutionary Shift with Technology

A decade earlier, when an entrepreneur was enquired on automated technology growth prospects in India, the expectations fell short due to the lack of proper infrastructure. Today, the nation is driven by smart cities, propelled by space missions, and pioneered by leaders like Amnex, who aspire to make India the leader in the Advanced Technologies segment.
The contemporary age is all about science, technology, awareness, and intelligence in every aspect. The Indian Government has played a major role in the tech-enabled growth of the nation. Solutions, that were undiscovered and were a mystery, are now made available easily through incremental technology. Payments, for example, have observed a drastic shift from offline to online payment modes in the nation. Be it the demonetization policy, or rapid Internet penetration in rural areas, India has witnessed technology evolutions recently, and has stimulated its pace & performance in this field. In the league of making technology a first-hand experience, Amnex Infotechnologies has proved to be a disruption.
Government’s Role In Technological Development
With the aspiration of reinforcing our economy and elevating industrial expansion, the Indian government has proposed many structural reforms. This has been done by adopting a new industrial policy. The policy works on the programmes of development pertaining to science and technology. The continuous growth in technology in India is over 5000 years old and witnessed a renaissance in the 20th century. India stands on the 3rd position under the category of science & technology. The Indian Government has undertaken multiple initiatives to boost the nation’s technology infrastructure:
● A five-year technology fund with US$ 4 million yearly investment namely Israel India Innovation Initiative Fund (I4F). This has been started in 2014 by India & Israel to lift up mutual relations.
● The Government of India aspires to evolve India into a global innovation hub by 2020.
● Government has proposed biofuel vehicles for road & water transportation on a large scale.
● In March 2018, the Government of India extended the urea subsidy to the farmers till 2020. The aim was to ensure supply of urea at lawfully controlled prices. Urea subsidy for 2018-19 is estimated at Rs 45,000 crore (US$ 6.95 billion).
● The Government has introduced policies like Science, Technology & Innovation (STI), Policy-2013, to position India among the top 5 scientific powers.

Revolutionary Impact of Amnex Infotechnologies
Amnex works on the principle that intelligence comes naturally. The company channelizes reasoning, mathematics, and trends to upgrade its solutions based on Natural Intelligence. Amnex establishes a progressive, secure and active transmission for data analytics. It further distributes the data information to the Government agencies & private sectors over mobile applications. The company involves its customers with mobility, GIS and IoT. In fact, IoT could be of great help in harnessing solar-wind energy accurately.
Data mining has been such a system that provides accuracy in computing extensive amount of data.
● It helps to expose a huge amount of stored information & then use it to frame predictive models in healthcare.
● It may allow the merchant to understand the purchase behaviour of a customer.
● It can also be used by the education system to analyse the students’ performance and take precise decisions. It will also be helpful in predicting the results of the students.
● It aids in transforming data into information. It creates a perfect fraud detection system to secure the information of the users.
IoT, data mining and big data are supposedly the solutions that can bring the nation on one platform. The aim is to store, process, analyze and act upon the data through IoT by the year 2019.
Leveraging Technology in Agriculture
A blend of future technology and traditional agricultural practices are beneficial to the socio-economic growth of the country. Amnex, to date, has driven innovation across all the operational sectors, wherein, it aspires to create a better future for the nation as a whole.
Amnex leverages DGPS/Drone/Total Station & Mobile applications to update the ground data & generate information. The use of such technology is to ensure the excellent growth of the farmers and the economy.
Amnex also worked on the Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited (GAICL) project. Due to the lack of scientific data and accuracy, GAICL was facing issues in calculating the precise crop insurance amount to be paid to the affected farmer. Looking at this complicated problem Amnex Infotechnologies with participating project stakeholders conceptualized a lean process. The company quickly identified domain experts and further developed a definitive problem statement. GIS and Remote Sensing technologies formed the core of the solution. While Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence were used for implementing a smart, automated and precise solution.

Amnex’s data management system is such that it manages its algorithms by itself. Amnex connects people of different departments through its cloud solutions. The company’s objective is to obtain sustainability & technological competence. The company helps to improve the data operations & monitor excavation, fuel management, safety, and planning. Amnex Infotechnologies has been consistently ensuring efficient absorption and availability of resources.

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