Welcome to the
big picture of
your growth
A culture fuelled by
innovation and challenges
As we hurtle towards our next technological achievement, we require more people in our ranks who hunger to transform.
The experiences we give them are important to us as a company.
It’s why we keep our culture focussed on innovation, vibrancy and individual growth.
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  • When it comes to career growth, our policies ensure that talent trumps hierarchy any day
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  • Employees at Amnex are often among the global firsts to get their hands on emerging technologies
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  • We value complex problem solvers, to the extent that we skill employees ourselves with educational programmes and on the job training
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  • Find the freedom to drive your own projects and pursue your own ideas, as we extend the resources and facilities necessary for your exploration
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  • We believe in teamwork. Our open-plan workspaces gives employees the liberty to share ideas and work in collaboration with each other
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  • We believe in social growth, it’s why we prioritise work-life balance and friendships.. We love to party; every festival, birthday or big win is a reason for celebration
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  • We believe in diversity. We welcome people of different backgrounds and preferences to join us and we provide equal opportunities to all
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  • We are a socially-responsible entity and we love to give back to society in every way we can
Areas of Work
Innovation Lab
The innovation lab is the birthplace of new technologies.
  • It’s our engine and accelerator. A space where breakthrough theories for new solutions can be put into practice by our tech experts.
  • The tech wizards in our ranks like to call this zone ‘home’
A hi-tech spatial framework for the country’s best minds in geomation
  • The results we achieve here have varied applications, creating positive benefit across multiple industries and sciences.
  • Our experts mine geography for data-driven insights
Developer operations
Developing software experiences that are productive and immersive.
  • Well-versed in logic and system architecture, our developers are folks who are edgy, knowledgeable and up-to-date.
  • Our large-scale applications require both creators and fixers
Design Studio
Where creative minds are hard at work and hard at play.
  • UX Designers at Amnex make great software and visualization platforms even more great to operate with the addition of user-friendly interfaces that make navigation easy and fun.
  • Our design focus is a combination of aesthetics and human-centricity
Sales, Marketing and Customer Support
What’s great technology if it doesn’t reach people?
  • Businesses that focus on bringing value deserve someone who can understand their needs and work towards customer satisfaction.
  • Great technology and products deserve someone to spread the word.
Support Functions
Everyday superheroes are those that make our daily life smooth
  • World-class facilities require expert supervision. When it comes to our administrators and facilitators, their foresight and attention to detail simplifies life for all Amnex employees.
  • Support Functions make Amnex a great place to work.
The Workplace Redefined